29 APR 2016

World Spine VII, Gurgaon, India

World Spine VII, Gurgaon, India

The World Spinal Column Society (WScS), has come a long way in contributing to advancement of spine care worldwide by linking spine surgeons around the world through high quality education, training and collaborative activities. This year, the WScS, organized the grand World Spine VII in Gurgaon, India, which had participation of Galaxy of spinal surgeons. Prior to the conference ( April 13-14th) , there was a cadaver spine workshop held at Safdurjung Hospital, New Delhi. The world spine VII started on 15th April, with its scientific sessions at The Oberoi, Gurgaon, India. The program commenced with the Inaugural ceremony, in which Prof AbdelFattah Saud gave the presidential address to the audience. The first plenary session had Prof Mehmet Zelili (Turkey), Michael Steinmetz (Cleveland Clinic), AtulGoel (India), Douglas Orr ( Cleveland Clinic), and Joachim Oertel ( Germany) as presenters. They talked about the advancements, changes and the new era of Spine Surgeries. The “Digital Poster session” had posters from various countries from round the globe.


The concurrent sessions were on Debate and Divergence on Lumbar Spinal Stenosis: Fusion vs No Fusion. MohsinQadeer, Douglas Orr and RanaPatirwere involved in discussion. The hot debate on Artificial cervical disc vs fusion took place, in which Vassilus Lycomitros presented a case, BS Walia and Joachim Oertel discussed the topic. The other session was on Craniovertebral Junction, in which Mehmet Zileli, Sushil Patkar, Sanjay Behari, VK Jain, Rahul Gupta shared their knowledge. Salman Sharif (Pakistan), Sait Naderi( Turkey), Joachim Oertel ( Germany), Nikolay A Peev (Belfast), and Atul Goel ( India), covered different aspects of the  topic Paediatric Spine. Prashant Kekre, Salman Sharif, Paulo Pereira, and Mahmood Qureshi discussed spinal Infections. LilyanaAngelov from Cleveland Clinic USA conducted luncheon Seminar on Radiosurgery.


Eminent other speakers for the day included Deepak gupta, Hyeun Sung Kim, Hani Mhaidli, Prashant Kekre, David Jaffray, Nikolay A Peev, Manas Panigrahi, Giovanni Grasso, and SIM Khairun Nabi Khan, HS Bhatoe, B Balain, Maneet Gill, Lilyana Angelov, Sanjay Behari and Ioannis Polythodorakis.

The most awaited session of “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN ED BENZEL?” an interactive quiz session, for all young spinal surgeons to come out and show their knowledge was next. The judges were Ed Benzel, Joachim Oertel and AbdelFattah Saoud. There were 30 participants, who were given a quiz paper consisting of 24 mcqs, for 30 minutes. Then the top 6 were chosen from the 30 participants for the final round the next day.

The day ended with the Inaugural Dinner at the Oberoi Hotel, Gurgaon.

April 16th, started off with the research paper presentations by participants concurrently in all 3 halls. Afterwards a plenary session, in which Ed Benzel presented on Motion preservation – A reality check, followed by PS Ramani presenting on surgical management of degenerative lumbar canal stenosis and then Alex W Vaccaro speaking on spinal surgery – major advancement in last decade. Speakers on this day included Mohammad Alfawareh, Sait Naderi, Hani Mhaidli, Konstantinos Paterakis, B Balain, Hyeun Sung Kim, Sunil Marwah, Vassilis Lykomitros, Sujoy Sanyal, Deepu Banerji, and Rajesh Chabbra, Manas Panigrahi, Serdar Kehramen, Muhammad Tariq Imtiaz, Rully Hanafi Dahlan, Hani Mhaidli, VD Sinha, Maneet Gill, Douglas Orr, Salman Sharif, Alex Vaccaro, Mehmet Zileli, Nikolay Peev, Michael Steinmetz, Muhammad Tariq Imtiaz, Hani Mhaidli, B Balain, and Alex W Vaccaro. The second day ended with the Final round of “ Are you Smarter than Ed Benzel” where top 6 finalist competed in the buzzer round for the top three positions. Afterwards everyone was taken to the Gala Dinner, a musical show at the Kingdom of Dream.


April 17th, started with the research paper presentations by young Spinal surgeons. Satnam Chhabra, Abdelfattah Saoud, B Balain, Douglas Orr, Nikolay Peev, Serdar Kahraman, Sandeep Vaishya, and Sumit Sinha, Paulo Pereira, Kang Taek Lim, Joachim Oertel, Sanjay Behari, M S Sridhar, HS Bhatoe, Manas Panigrahi, and Mohammad Alfawareh were speakers on this day. Ed Benzel and Saoud Abdel Fateh gave signed copies of Spinal Surgery Books by Ed Benzel, Faher and Vaccaro for posters, and quiz competition. The day concluded with the President of the WScS, Abdulfatteh saying the final remarks for the event and introducing the new added members of the WScS board, followed by a few words of appreciation by the secretary WScS, Salman Sharif.  Ed Benzel the founding President was given a token of appreciation by the organizer Sandeep Vaishya.